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Territory Mapping Solutions for your organisation

Imagine having to build some flatpack furniture without the manual and drawings. What might the end result look like?

Here's one we made earlier...

Now transfer this image to a large organization that has to assemble various projects, objectives and opinions within its structures. Time and resource constraints often make it difficult to find the space and focus to push new processes through. Wouldn’t it be helpful for the leaders and managers to have a map which explains and shows them how to do this?

Let us help you get there smoothly!

Join us on the ride to creating a clear map for yourself or your team. The Territory Mapping team provides four core solutions to support you in creating Territory Maps for you and your team and then interpreting them and advice on how to implement those new insights which we set out below.

The best way to gauge which solutions are going to work hardest for you is to take our quick Territory Mapping Assessment.

Core Territory Mapping Solutions

Online Program
(Coming soon)

An eight-part online program, leading you through the Territory Mapping process with Territory Mapping founder Anthony Willoughby, expert coach Doutzen Groothof and case studies from leading executives who have used and benefited from Territory Mapping consistently over the last two decades.


At the core of Territory Mapping are group workshops. These days we deliver these online, which are extremely successful and allow a distributed group of participants to join the workshop. Usually led by Anthony Willoughby, the workshop includes an introduction to the evolution of Territory Mapping and its application, guidance on how to go about drawing your own Territory Map and time to do so, and then facilitated discussions on what they show individually and collectively.

Individual and Group Coaching

By creating a shared, cocreated vision you will develop a common language and strategy, allowing a common purpose to be embraced, founded on a shared trust and vision.