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About Us

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation we haven’t expected or anticipated. Have we chosen the wrong path? Where did we get lost? And how do we navigate ourselves out of this?

Territory Mapping is a transformative process in quickly and effectively getting people to better understand their own situations, expectations and objectives – and those of the people they work with. In an increasingly complex and uncertain world having clarity is a rare and valuable advantage, and those who have used the Territory Mapping process from school-children to global leaders, entrepreneurs to senior corporate executives have benefited immensely from it.

Its secret lies in its core connection to how humans operate, tapping into basic motivators and instincts we all possess, even if they are lying dormant in us. The initial inspiration for the process came from seeing how indigenous peoples operate in a much more harmonious and collaborative way, in large part due to their common understanding of their territory and the threats and opportunities it presents.

By leveraging these core human capacities to understand – and draw – these obstacles, barriers, advantages, objectives, feelings and concerns, without the need to find suitable vocabulary anyone can quickly and powerfully present their ‘world’ to share with others.

Our team is a fusion of experience, curiosity and the mutual will to help you navigate through your very own territory map. Whether it was destiny or coincidence that our paths have crossed – we have made it our mission to share the concept of Territory Mapping with you.

Our people

Anthony Willoughby headshot

Anthony Willoughby

Anthony is the originator of Territory Mapping. He has developed and refined the process over 30 years of travels and conversations with everyone and anyone from Bill Gates to Maasai tribesmen.

Rolf Pfeiffer headshot

Rolf Pfeiffer

Rolf is a highly experienced executive coach who has worked with senior leaders for over two decades, and leads the coach development process. He is a managing partner of Bernotat & Cie. – a Merryck company.

Roddy Millar headshot

Roddy Millar

Roddy is the founder and editorial director at IEDP Ideas for Leaders, and has worked with the foremost leadership researchers and developers for the last 20 years – making their work more accessible and valued. He is driven to make organisations more human.

Doutzen Groothof headshot

Doutzen Groothof

Doutzen is based in Rwanda from where she runs her company Stand Tall. She works with people and teams towards more courage and clarity in life and leading, based on 17 years of organisational and people development experience in Europe and East Africa. In close collaboration with Anthony Willoughby she turns ancient inspiration and wisdom into powerful steps and programs.

Marijana Miljkovic headshot

Marijana Miljkovic

Marijana is a multilingual marketing consultant with a passion for travel, health and people. She has over 10 years’ experience in HR consulting and executive coaching projects. Currently, she holds a position at Deutsche Lufthansa AG and additionally runs her own business in content creation and digital marketing.

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