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Territory Mapping Coach Accreditation Program

Would you like to be part of a truly transforming journey and show others how to effectively navigate their individual maps?

Enrol in one of our occasional accreditation programs for experienced coaches and L&D or OD consultants. Over this multi-session program you will work with the Territory Mapping team and senior leaders who have put Territory Mapping to effective and hugely beneficial use in their organisations - and on completion join the community of accredited Territory Mapping coaches, where you can share experiences, challenges and business opportunities.

THE Program

Program Overview

If you are an experienced coach or OD consultant, you may choose to become an accredited Territory Mapping coach yourself, so that you can bring the power of Territory Mapping to your own clients. We have developed a modular accreditation program that provides you with all the insights, approaches, tips and tricks to confidently use Territory Mapping with your clients, fully autonomously.

The accreditation program consists of 4 modules and starts with your own Territory Mapping experience. Accreditation program participants learn about

  • What Territory Mapping is and where it comes from
  • How and why Territory Mapping works
  • The “so what” and “now what” of TM
  • How Territory Mapping can be positioned

Details of the accreditation program

Watch a small selection of videos that describe Territory Mapping and write a short paper

Participate, learn and share your thinking on Territory Mapping with Anthony Willoughby and other Territory Mapping team members, as well as senior executives and coaches who have successfully been using Territory Mapping in their businesses.

Focuses on

  • understanding the legacy & history behind Territory Mapping
  • facilitating the process of drawing the maps, discussing the maps, tips & watchouts
  • providing a guide to the materials (videos and tutorials)
  • helping to design the intervention with your own clients

Focuses on

  • understanding the neuroscience behind TM
  • understanding how Territory Mapping links to trust research and established coaching models e.g., GROW
  • understanding how Territory Mapping can be connected with existing methodologies
  • work with 2 test clients
  • submit a paper reflecting on your experience

Deepen your understanding of Territory Mapping and how Territory Mapping can be positioned

  • report back on your experience and learn from one another
  • where and when is Territory Mapping most valuable
  • how Territory Mapping is different from other team development/OD approaches
  • the usual “so what” and “now what” after a Territory Mapping session
  • insights on target groups, strategic and operational context etc.
  • how to introduce the concept and find out if it is useful in the particular client situation
  • how to measure success

Post Program

After the accreditation we will support you to ensure consistent quality and shared learning as part of the Accredited Territory Mapping Coach community. We offer:

  • practitioner sessions to discuss your own practical experience from delivery, learn together, share dos and don'ts that keep growing from experience that everyone contributes
  • peer supervision
  • joint quality assurance
  • access to a password-protected practitioner area on the Territory Mapping website
  • marketing by including your profile in the “accredited Territory Mapping practitioner” section on the Territory Mapping website