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Having a 'guide on the side' is a very human approach to changing behaviour - it is the role tribal elders offer to their warrior classes

It is how all of us prosper and learn. Embrace the benefits of someone who can ask the right questions of you, encourage (and challenge) your thinking, support your decisions - and hold you to account on implementing changes. Our coaches and consultants can help at any and all of these moments, providing independent expertise and assistance for individuals, teams and organisations from early in their careers to experienced leaders.

Meet the COACHES

Anthony Willoughby headshot

Anthony Willoughby

Anthony is the originator of Territory Mapping. He has developed and refined the process over 30 years of travels and conversations with everyone and anyone from Bill Gates to Maasai tribesmen.

Chris Galea headshot

Chris Galea

With over 35 years of corporate experience at senior management and C-Suite level in over 75 countries around the world, Chris draws on extensive Leadership experience from very diverse cultural contexts. A Leadership coach for a number of years and the founder of Lighthouse Coaching, he is deeply passionate about developing emotionally intelligent, human-centric leadership

Claudia Benassi headshot

Claudia Benassi

Claudia accompanies executives and their teams on developmental journeys, and mapping has become her favourite clarification approach. Her dialogue with women leaders aiming for the top is particularly appreciated, informed as it is on Claudia’s re-inventions, leadership experience, and research.

Doutzen Groothof headshot

Doutzen Groothof

Doutzen is based in Rwanda from where she runs her company Stand Tall. She works with people and teams towards more courage and clarity in life and leading, based on 17 years of organisational and people development experience in Europe and East Africa. In close collaboration with Anthony Willoughby she turns ancient inspiration and wisdom into powerful steps and programs

Franco Iacometti headshot

Franco Iacometti

Franco is an executive coach and facilitator who brings to the leadership development arena more than twenty years of experience in various corporate roles. His focus is mainly on executives, senior managers as well as multicultural leadership teams. He works across countries, nationalities and industries. Founding partner of Org Value Consulting, a consulting practice active in Italy, Franco is Adjunct Professor of Business Psychology at The Catholic University in Milan – Italy.

Krishna Thapa headshot

Krishna Thapa

Krishna is a spiritual and community leader who was born in the Himalaya of Nepal. He joined the British Army's Gurkha brigade and became part of the UK's Special Forces, leading multiple teams to success on Everest, which he summitted in 2017 and K2 in 2018. Krishna brings a deep appreciation and understanding of humble leadership allied to strong self-knowledge, founded on ancient principles.

Rolf Pfeiffer headshot

Rolf Pfeiffer

Rolf is a highly experienced executive coach who has worked with senior leaders for over two decades, and leads the coach development process. He is a managing partner of Bernotat & Cie. – a Merryck company.

Susanne Jacobs headshot

Susanne Jacobs

Susanne Jacobs MBA, Chartered FCIPD, FCMI,  is an organisational behaviour and performance specialist, author, coach and leadership tutor. Her work is based on over 25 years of leadership experience and a decade of research into the neurobiology of trust and intrinsic motivation. Susanne translates the science of performance and her experience to deliver knowledge and practical tools that are easy to grasp and apply so an organisation can achieve cultural change and strengthen human leadership capability. To make the workplace Human-Fit..

Become an Accredited Territory Mapping Consultant

Territory Mapping is an intuitively simple process that can quickly transform team performance. While it is easy for participants to start the process, the real value lies in how the session coaches can take the participants’ maps and develop them into applicable and aligned strategies for your business and/or team to work from.

Become an Accredited Territory Mapping Coach learning from the years of practical experience and advice from the team behind Territory Mapping in our two-day, online program and on-going community. Accredited Territory Mapping Coaches will also gain access to tools, assessments, marketing collateral and knowledge exchange with other coaches.

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