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Start creating benefits for yourself, your team or your organisation

The easiest way to start creating a benefit for yourself, your team or your organisation is by taking our Territory Mapping survey. On completion you will receive a report which will give you an overview of where you are in terms of Purpose, Clarity and Adaptability. This is the basis for diving deeper, for focused conversations, and potentially for some robust actions. Be the captain of your own ship and don’t let coincidence decide your individual course.

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You can use your real name or a nickname you are comfortable with (this will be used in the report) and your email address.

Answer our 12 questions

The assessment is simple and takes only a few minutes to complete

Download your free report

The report is available immediately and free of charge, providing you with an overview of where you are in terms of Purpose, Clarity and Adaptability.

This quick assessment will start you on your Territory Mapping journey – in fact, it will show you where you will start from...

Leverage the power of assessments for you, your team, your organisation

If you have completed the questionnaire for yourself, you may use the insights as a starting point for self-reflection, or share them with a friend, a coach, or someone else you trust, to further your reflection. And you might use the prompts that we provide for some personal action planning.

Our online e-program (that you can complete in your own time and rhythm) will allow you to discover more about how to best use the assessment results to create your next chapter through the lens of our unique Territory Mapping approach.

If you want to do a personal deep dive for yourself, our accredited Territory Mapping coaches are there to support you. This will personally allow you to get clarity on where you’d like to go in the next chapter of your career or life, where you are today, and how you can get to where you’d like to be. You will also be able to appreciate the resources available to you today, the obstacles along the way, and devise the road forward.

If you have completed the questionnaire from the perspective of a team that you lead, or even an entire organisation, you may be tempted to share the results with some or all of your team members. You might also want to ask members of your team and/or organisation to also complete the questionnaire. Please be aware that it is the nature of a questionnaire like ours that different people often see the same thing in a different light. So, members of a team might answer some of the questions differently, perhaps even very differently. Hence, we recommend that you carefully consider which approach to take when asking others to complete the questionnaire and/or sharing the results.

Our accredited Territory Mapping coaches can support you along the way. We provide in-depth analysis, group reports, and we can design a bespoke team or organisational development process based on our unique Territory Mapping approach.