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Territory Mapping

Gain Purpose, Clarity and Adaptability in Unprecedented Times

Your concept of Territory Mapping goes to show how ideas and processes can transcend geographical and cultural boundaries and still produce similar results

The concept of Territory Mapping enables you to tap into your own wisdom, discover your personal terrain, identify what stands in your way and unleash your full potential in terms of personal and professional development – quite literally by creating your own map of your own world.

Rooted in long-established traditions, it is a process that helps you and your team identify your current state of organisational (and individual) Purpose, Clarity and Adaptability. By creating your own 'Territory Map' you and your team members will highlight intuitively the key 'front-of-brain' issues each have about these concepts. This allows constructive conversation to align these concepts, build Trust and enhance Engagement.

All organisations are human creations, but the larger we grow them the less human they become. In order to keep them functioning smoothly we add rules, protocols, processes and systems in layer-upon-layer. As this happens each human in the organisation becomes diminished little-by-little, losing their sense of autonomy, then responsibility and ultimately purpose.

Territory Mapping is a simple yet extraordinarily powerful way of reuniting individuals across the organization with their role and purpose. It allows them to, quickly and easily, share their visions, insights and challenges with their team, their leaders – and crucially themselves. This process when undertaken by whole teams creates understanding, purpose, clarity and adaptability and strengthens alignment and ultimately trust.

The Territory Mapping process is an intuitively human one. It has evolved from ethnographic research of ancient human societies, who have by definition, survived as cohesive social units for millennia. People in ancient tribes understand their goals, methods and roles and can adapt to support each other to achieve success – they have to as it is often the difference between life and death if they do not. They can all draw their territory maps – and they tend to be very aligned. Are yours?



From the earliest age we ask 'why?', but so often at work we fail to see the final objective that explains why we do things. Understanding Purpose brings energy and engagement.


Territory Mapping enables both individuals and teams to better visualise their own and others contexts - so bringing Clarity to their objectives.


The foundation of the sustainable organisation. As Prof Leon Megginson said of Charles Darwin on natural selection (often misquoted as of Darwin himself) “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change".

learning outcomes


Quickly and intuitively identify how people’s visions and strategies overlap and diverge – and use as a basis to build a more aligned vision to move ahead together with. .


By creating a shared, cocreated vision you will develop a common language and strategy, allowing a common purpose to be embraced, founded on a shared trust and vision.


Employee engagement is notoriously poor - and the link between engagement and productivity well-documented. By giving Purpose and Clarity and encouraging Adaptability, Engagement will undoubtedly strengthen, especially when supported by Alignment and Trust.

Take the Territory Mapping Assessment and quickly plan your next steps

The easiest way to start creating a benefit for yourself, your team or your organisation is by taking our Territory Mapping assessment. It consists of 12 questions and takes only a few minutes to complete. The report, available immediately and free of charge, provides you with an overview of where you are in terms of Purpose, Clarity and Adaptability. This is the basis for diving deeper, for focused conversations, and potentially for some robust actions.

Become an Accredited Territory Mapping Consultant

Territory Mapping is an intuitively simple process that can quickly transform team performance. While it is easy for participants to start the process, the real value lies in how the session coaches can take the participants’ maps and develop them into applicable and aligned strategies for your business and/or team to work from.

Become an Accredited Territory Mapping Coach learning from the years of practical experience and advice from the team behind Territory Mapping in our two-day, online program and on-going community. Accredited Territory Mapping Coaches will also gain access to tools, assessments, marketing collateral and knowledge exchange with other coaches.

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